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Private Residence


Orchard Street, New York NY


''Located on a bustling street in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, this dramatic remodel of a two-story apartment of approximately 2,000 sq ft converts a previously lackluster space into an industrial yet contemporary apartment tailor-made for city dwellers.

The renovation opens the once-claustrophobic layout by moving the staircase from the center of the apartment to the perimeter wall, resulting in a spacious living area that exudes a bright and airy ambiance. The relocation of the stair transforms it from a utilitarian object into unifying and elegant connector between the upper and lower floors. The black folded steel risers also serve as the foundation for a striking integrated storage unit below that features a luscious cream-colored birch wood finish. The new location and gives it a sense of importance and highlights its role in the room’s design and elevates the stair from a mere functional item to a beautiful and purposeful design element.

The lower level living room is fringed by a wall of exposed brick arches, remnants of the old buildings foundations, while the existing skylights bathe the space in natural light, adding warmth and character to the modern interiors. The black steel accents and the polished concrete floor of the lower level juxtaposes with the exposed brick and wood elements creating a moody but inviting space. The living room opens into an intimate outdoor terrace that provides a perfect oasis amidst the city.

The upper level of the apartment features the same materials as the lower level but in a different application. The sleek concrete panel feature wall perfectly complements the stunning oak wood flooring. The industrial style is conveyed with the modern kitchen made by Reform Kitchens, with dark metal cabinets and a stainless-steel countertop. A steel barn door opening into the primary bedroom has been purposefully restored to fit within the new aesthetics of this interior space. The sliding doors throughout the apartment allow for the free flow of natural light or privacy when desired, and the open kitchen and dining area overlook the lower level, emphasizing the apartment’s verticality.

The primary bathroom boasts a soothing white tile palette and a dark wood vanity that perfectly sets the stage for the room’s standout feature: a gorgeous mosaic tile shower wall depicting Buddha, creating a Zen-like ambiance for the ultimate shower experience.''

-Spivak Architects


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